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Welcome to the Georgia Wildcraft Wiki Site

This site is a repository for collected information about plants that can be found in Georgia, primarily through and for foraging purposes.


Foraging Etiquette

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when foraging:

1. Only forage where you have permission to do so.
Trespassers reflect poorly on all foragers, and they're breaking the law.

2. Be absolutely certain that you have a correct ID before foraging or using a plant.
Many plants have lookalikes, and sometimes the wrong ID can mean the difference between a beneficial forage and a toxic one.

3. Don't forage threatened species.
As foragers, we have a responsibility to work with nature, and that means not harvesting endangered or threatened plant species. Some of us carry seed when we forage to help threatened species increase their numbers.

4. Treat nature with reverence and respect at all times.
Remember, a lot of species (plant and animal) call these spaces home. Forage carefully and quietly so as not to disturb any creature you don't have to.

5. Leave no trace.
Whatever you take into the foraging space, take with you when you go. If you dig, cover the hole. You get the idea.

6. Don't take more than you need; you're not the only forager out there.
Greed is a terrible trait, and one that will quickly earn you a bad rep among your fellow foragers.

7. Don't take all of anything you forage; always leave enough for the plant to recover from what you took.
Give foraged species as much help as you can to ensure their continued growth. Always leave at least 10% of anything you harvest.

The information contained on this site is subject to editing at any time.